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CMU-CS 15-415/615 - Syllabus


  • Topics are tentative.
  • Assignment due dates are FIRM. FYI, Assignments A3 and A7 require a lot of programming ('**').
  • PowerPoint Slides are available in pps
Date Day By Lecture (and readings) Released Due-date (FIRM)
8/31 Mo AP+CF Introduction (R&G Chapter 1), sample sqlite3 database (see the readme.txt file)    
  We CF The Entity-Relationship Model (R&G Chapter 2)    
9/7 Mo   Labor Day - No Classes    
  We CF Relational Model (R&G Chapter 3)    
9/14 Mo CF Relational Algebra (R&G Chapter 4) A1-sols  
  We CF Relational Calculus (R&G Chapter 4)    
9/21 Mo AP Fun with SQL (Part 1) (R&G Chapter 5) A2-sols A1 due
  We AP Fun with SQL (Part 2) & App. Development (R&G Chapter 5-6)    
9/28 Mo CF Storing Data - Disks, Buffers, and Files (R&G Chapter 9) A3-sols A2 due
  We CF Tree-Structured Indexes(R&G Chapter 10)    
10/5 Mo CF File Organizations & Indexing (R&G Chapter 8)    
  We CF Hashing (R&G Chapter 11) A4-sols A3 due
10/12 Mo CF Sorting (R&G Chapter 13), Query Evaluation (R&G Chapter 12/14)    
  We AP Relational Operators (R&G Chapter 12/14) A5 A4 due
10/19 Mo AP Query Optimization (R&G Chapter 15); Review    


10/26 Mo AP Query Optimization continued (R&G Chapter 15)    
  We CF Schema Refinement and Normalization (part1) (R&G Chapter 19) A6-sols A5 due
11/2 Mo CF Schema Refinement and Normalization (part2); also Methodology and (internal to CMU: R+Ypaper)    
  We AP Physical Database Design (R&G Chapter 20) A7** A6 due
11/9 Mo AP Transaction Management Overview (R&G Chapter 16)    
  We AP Concurrency Control (Part 1) (R&G Chapter 17)   A7-ph1 due
11/16 Mo AP Concurrency Control (Part 2) (R&G Chapter 17)    
  We AP Crash Recovery (R&G Chapter 18)    
11/23 Mo AP Distributed DBMSs (R&G Ch. 22)    
  We   Thanksgiving - No Classes    
11/30 Mo AP Column Stores (internal to CMU: The Design and Implementation of Modern Column-Oriented Database Systems) A8-sols A7-ph2 due
  We CF Data Warehousing and Data Mining (R&G, Chapters 25, 26)    
12/7 Mo AP Guest Speaker: Ankur Goyal (CMU SCS'15 / MemSQL)   A8 due
  We AP+CF Review, Modern Database System