• Time: Mon/Wed 3:00PM-4:20PM
  • Location: DH A302
  • Recitations: Tuesday
    • only before major homeworks - TBA
    • 01:30PM-02:20PM
    • 02:30PM-03:20PM

CMU-CS 15-415/615 - Assignments


All assignments are due at the beginning of the lecture (3:00pm sharp), on the due date.

All assignments are to be done individually.


There are three categories of assignments: pencil+paper, DB-app, and DB-internals. Pencil+paper means that a computer need not be involved. DB-app means you will design some queries/software that interfaces with a database management system (treating it as a "black box"). DB-internals means you will write code that implements some internal module of a database management system.

The weights add up to 100% of the total assignment weight, which is 30% of the total course weight. That is, a person that obtains perfect grades in all assignments, will have 30 points for his/her final course grade.


Asn.# By Assignment Name Category Solutions Weight
A1 CF ER + Formal Q.L. pencil+paper Assgn1-solution 5%
A2 CF SQL DB-app Assgn2-solution 15%
A3 CF Indexing (and: recitation slides) DB-internals Assgn3-solution 20%
A4 CF Query Processing pencil+paper Assgn4-solution 5%
A5 AP Query Optimization DB-app Assgn5-solution 15%
A6 AP Query Optimization+Schema Refinement pencil+paper Assgn6-solution 5%
A7 AP Database Application and recitation foils DB-app Assign7-Tests 30%
A8 AP Concurrency Control pencil+paper Assgn8-solution 5%
TOTAL 100%